TALATHA Rural Community Water District
serving quality water to every tap since 1967 


To activate service, a Water User's Agreement and Application for Service must be completed and the appropriate fees paid.  The agreement, application and rate sheet are available below.


Meters are read in the middle of the month and the bill is sent at the end of each month.  

For example, readings taken on March 15 will be billed on March 31.  The bill is for water used from the previous reading (mid-February) to March 15.  

Bills include readings, current and previous, and total gallons used. You will receive a bill on or around the 1st of the month. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse non-payment.

Payment is due on or before the 25th of the month.  A 10% penalty will be added on balances not paid by the 26th of the month.  Water service will be disconnected (cut off) on the 28th of the month or the 1st business day after with unpaid balances.


If service is disconnected for non-payment a $40.00 reconnect fee is due in addition to the balance due before service will be restored.  Service will not be reconnected after hours.  

For additional information please contact the office at (803) 652-1381.
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Talatha Rural Community Water District's Third Party Notification Program is a safety net offered on behalf of our elderly customers or individuals who are learning the responsibilities of paying bills for the first time.  The program allows customers to provide the name of another individual - a family member, friend, neighbor, etc. - who can be notified when an account is delinquent and scheduled to be disconnected.   This service does not cancel a scheduled disconnection, it does provides notice so that appropriate payment may be made to avoid disconnection.  To participate in the program, a notification application form must be completed. Third-party notification can only be done with the consent of the customer (account holder), or by someone with proof of Power of Attorney on behalf of the customer.  Application forms are available at the water district office or by calling (803) 652-1381.
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